4 Important Things to Know about Arthroscopic Surgery

What is Arthroscopic Surgery?

Arthroscopic surgery is one of the methods of treating injuries related to joints. These injuries are mostly caused by sport or activities involving movements due to which the main joints which get hurt are the knee, ankle, and shoulder. Arthroscopic surgery for the shoulder, knee, or ankle involves the least invasive procedure. Even though procedures like Arthroscopic knee treatment, arthroscopic surgery for ankles, etc, have been in practice for a long age, people are still skeptical about it. The aim of this blog is to highlight 4 important things to know about arthroscopic surgery.

What can be treated with Arthroscopic Surgery?

We know that Arthroscopic surgery for the knee, shoulders, and ankles is the most common Arthroscopic surgery but this procedure is also performed on joints like elbows, wrists, and hips. Some of the common injuries in these joints that can be treated with Arthroscopic surgery are:

Displacement of bone from joint

Arthroscopic surgery for the shoulder is one of the most used procedures to treat a dislocated shoulder. This is because shoulders are more often dislocated in injuries due to sports. The immediate symptom of dislocation involves immense pain and the feeling of the joint being loose. It is also seen that ankle and hip dislocation in elderly people is more common due to having fallen on a slippery surface. Arthroscopic surgery for the ankle is a procedure with a high success rate for the treatment of injuries like these.

Injury in connective tissue

It is important for our bones to be connected to our muscles to perform movements. This connection is made by a tissue known as the tendon. Also, ligaments are another type of connective tissue that connects the bone to the joint. Arthroscopic knee treatment includes an example of procedures that are used to treat ligament and tendon tear around or in the knee. This example of Arthroscopic knee treatment is known as ACL reconstruction.

Degeneration of cartilage

Cartilage is a type of tissue that prevents the rubbing of bones against each other while motioning. It is present between the bones. Cartilage degeneration occurs mainly due to osteoarthritis and cannot be completely healed. Treatments like Arthroscopic surgery for knee, shoulder, etc. helps prevent further degeneration of cartilage.

Swelling in joints

Swelling or inflammation is an immune response that occurs when the blood increasingly gets to the position of the injured area. Most commonly the ankle of the person involved in sports gets hurt and swells. This swelling can develop to be painful. Arthroscopic surgery for the ankle is a considerable treatment option for helping to reduce chronic swelling in the ankle when the other medical treatments fail to do so.

What is the procedure of Arthroscopic Surgery?

Even though treatments like Arthroscopic surgery for the knee, arthroscopic surgery for the shoulder, etc. are less invasive, these procedures are performed with proper equipment in an operation theatre. Anesthesia is also given before performing the surgery on the patients and the type of arthroscopic surgery dictates whether the patient will need local or general anesthesia.

Arthroscopic treatment is less invasive but not completely invasive. During this procedure, an opening is certainly made to insert the treating equipment into the area where the injury has done some damage. This equipment is known as arthroscopic and contains a camera to navigate it throughout the entire treatment as we can see in the case of arthroscopic surgery for the shoulder, it is necessary to have the guidance of visual aid to perform it successfully.

After the completion of the procedure, the opening is closed by stitching it. If there is some patient in your family who has gone through treatment like arthroscopic knee treatment, you can see the mark left by the stitches of this procedure is tiny as a very small incision is made for this treatment.

The benefit of Arthroscopic Surgery

The most important benefit of treatment like arthroscopic surgery for ankles, shoulders, etc. is that in this procedure the healing time is much less than other procedures. This means after the arthroscopic surgery, the patient can return to their routine activities in the least amount of time. Also, the effectiveness of arthroscopic surgery is evident in the success rate of the most common surgeries, such as knee treatment, ankles, and so on. Moreover, after this treatment, the patient is not left with a big mark or scar which could become an unnecessary hindrance in the life of that patient.


Arthroscopic Surgery has the risk factors of any other procedure, but its effectiveness is unique when performed on a relevant patient by an experienced surgeon. One should not question the credibility of this procedure but must choose their doctor on the grounds of expertise and experience. The doctor for Arthroscopic Surgery must have performed treatments like Arthroscopic surgery for ankles, arthroscopic knee treatment, arthroscopic surgery for shoulder, etc.

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