When Should You Consider a Spine Surgery?

It is a known fact that Spine surgery is one of the rarest Spine treatments that is needed to relieve pain in any part of the back. There is a variety of Spine Surgery types but every one of them is not often needed by the patient. In fact, most of the patients that come to the doctors for their spine care are full of suggestions, but they don’t understand why treatments like back surgery must be avoided to the extent where nothing can help them. Even the extreme back pain takes about 3 to 4 months to resolve, and it is good to deal to wait for the pain to go on its own rather than having spine surgery.

Most often the patients go to the spine care centre for their lower back pain. This symptom is usually advised to be treated with non-invasive methods like physiotherapy, medications etc. However, there are certain rare occasions where one should consider spine surgery as their Spine Treatment option.

When Should You Consider a Spine Surgery?

When you go to a Spine care centre for your Spine Treatment, the doctors recommend many treatment options. You should consider spine surgery as a treatment option for yourself only when all the recommended treatments fail to provide you relief and your condition is degrading day by day. Any of the Spine Surgery types is done to relieve the patient from one common symptom. This symptom is a radiating pain arising from the back and going down one or both legs. The cause of this symptom for which you consider Back Surgery happens to be compression in the nerves of your spine. This can happen for various reasons such as:

Issues in the disk: Your spine is constituted of supporting structures between the bones of your vertebrae. These structures are known as discs. Sometimes these discs can be bulged or injured causing the contracting of a spinal nerve. From this condition, your symptom arise, and you start to consider Spine Treatment options.

Bone problem: When a person suffers from a condition known as osteoarthritis, your spine experiences the formation of osteophyte which is nothing but a bony growth. This growth hinders the space for nerves causing them to be restricted. Your doctors at your Spine care centre recommend certain tests for your symptoms arising from osteophytes for confirmation.

The reason for which you must try all the recommended treatment options before considering spine surgery as your Spine Treatment options is that it is hard to be sure about the origin of your back symptom even though your tests also confirm some problem in your spine.

Spine Surgery types

  • Microdiscectomy: This procedure is done as a Spine Treatment for the condition where the disc presses against the spinal nerves causing radiating pain. In this Back Surgery, an incision is made to keep the procedure minimally invasive. From this incision the affected disc is removed.
  • Spinal fusion: When a person is suffering from severely deforming discs, curvature problem in spine or instability, fusion method of spine surgery is recommended. Spinal fusion involves connecting two vertebras together by a bone removed from the body. This is one of the specialized Spine Surgery types in which special equipment’s like screws are inserted into the vertebrae.
  • Artificial discs: To avoid spinal fusion as a Spine Treatment for pain related issue, implanting artificial discs between the bones happens to be an effective spine surgery. However, it is seen that most people go for spinal fusion rather than artificial discs.
  • Laminectomy: when the issue in your spine arises from an overgrowth bone, laminectomy is used as an effective Back Surgery. In this type of surgery, the overgrown bone is removed to relieve the nerve from its pressure.

Spine surgery in India

The spine is the structure on which most of your bodily function is dependent. You must consider a well-abled surgeon to perform any of the Spine Surgery types. You can recognize well-abled surgeons from their dedication, experience, expertise, and the quality of being nuanced in their methods. It is important for your Spine care that you understand each aspect of the procedure that will be done on you. For this, your surgeon must be well articulated in this method of speech.

In India, there are various Spine care centres across the nation. People usually get misinformed about Spine Surgery costs in India due to which they don’t research the best spine treatment for them but the centre where they would have to pay less. Although money is an important factor and the cost of spine surgery range from 1 lakh to 9 lakh rupees, it is important to know that many factors play a role in deciding the amount for your spine surgery. No one can deny that there are a certain group of people who do not get good medical attention for their spine just for the lack of finances, with time Spine Surgery cost in India is reducing significantly.

Considering a spine surgery must be a well-thought decision. You must be aware of your condition which is only possible if you are diagnosed by an expert. Dr Dhaval Patel is our best consultant on these issues for the patients. To have a good opinion on your Spine Treatment options visit Shivanta Hospital.

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