5 Important Things you need to know about Knee Replacement

Notably, there are various symptoms associated with osteoarthritis and several other conditions depending on the severity. Stiffness, diminished range of motion, joint inflammation, and various other symptoms are noticed. Knee arthritis can keep changing throughout and any stiffness, swelling, or any general inactivity must be treated as soon as possible to avoid the physical condition to get worsen. During the treatment, if any possible damage is found then knee surgery is done to break away the healthy tissue. Knee replacement surgery is a treatment that is done to the damaged part of the knee. In this procedure, the injured party is taken out and replaced with healthy tissue for extended physical activity. The requirement of the knee surgery must be approved by the complete examination by the surgeon.

Why do we need knee replacement?

If the patient is suffering from arthritis, the surgeon must consider all types and suggest knee replacement treatment accordingly. Majorly in most cases, this disease called osteoarthritis is not exactly curable but it can be controlled with proper treatment.  This problem can be associated with aging and sometimes as simple as physiotherapy can help a lot. If it is not treated on time, this disease can get uncontrollable and can even cause severe damage that even leads to knee replacement surgery. If there is inflammation in arteritis then rheumatoid can be one of the reasons. Established medical care such as   Shivanta Hospital can help the patients with proper diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Dhaval Patel & Dr. Jenis Patel will provide the patients with proper medication for the repairment of cartilage and physiotherapy. The patients must be aware and try to get a proper diagnosis and early care with disease-modifying drugs to cure as well as prevent early stage.

5 Important Things you must be aware of knee replacement

Osteoarthritis And Its Deformities

Osteoarthritis is a deformity in joints. It is a category in arthritis that can appear breakdown and cause cartilage damage in one or more joints further eventual loss. Damages that are commonly seen in are knees, hips, hands with varied deformities, and spine. The knee is with joint deformities that can make an induvial suffer such as Varus deformity which is an inward joint angulation or outward joint angulation. If not treated in time, it can create difficulty for the patients in walking and noticeable limp. The hip joints deformity called flexion can cause difficulty or pain externally and internally can be fixed by turning upwards and inwards but the patients might have to limp while walking.

Curability of Torn Ligament

Torn ligaments are curable deformities depending on the level of ligament torn. In income cases, the ligaments can be repaired from end to end, and sometimes it’s too serious to cure.  In a circumstance such as the posterior cruciate ligament, the anterior cruciate ligament can be very different to cure. Anterior cruciate ligament after a severe injury can be extremely painful in the knee joint and cause instability in the knee while walking. 

Dr. Dhaval Patel & Dr. Jenis Patel can help the patients with reconstructions and provide excellent results using keyhole technology.

Success Rate of Knee replacement surgery

The success rate of total knee replacement surgery in India is about 98 percent. Using the latest technology such as gyroscope it is used for navigation which has higher and more predictable. Dr. Dhaval Patel & Dr. Jenis Patel has previously performed a lot of knee replacement surgery. Using the latest technology and have greater results and better navigation.

Gyroscope Navigation for Knee replacement?

It is recommended to visit an experienced and qualified best knee replacement surgeon in ahmedabad like Dr. Dhaval Patel & Dr. Jenis Patel in Shivanta Hospital. They use an accelerometer and gyroscope including various other aviated technology. Using smart equipment, the extraction of damaged tissue becomes easier. The primary goal is to minutely replace knee implants by preventing all the side effects. They are renowned surgeons who use very less invasive surgery.

Knee replacement costs

Knee replacement must be done only when you have the approval of the surgeon after the required procedure and tests. Knee replacement costs in India can be pretty expensive and you need to further put a lot of care as well as attention such as physiotherapy which can be even more time and money costs.

It is a must to make sure that you are in hands of trustable healthcare facility and make appropriate treatment. Treatment like this needs special care and attention. Book an Appointment Today!

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