Knee Replacement Surgery Pre and Post Precautions

Knee Replacement Surgery is considered one of the most successful surgical procedures. This procedure is done when the knee is damaged on the surface with the metal implant. Using the improved implants and with the help of surgical expertise, this procedure can be safely conducted. You need experienced and medically equipped medical care such as Shivanta Hospital. Dr. Dhaval Patel & Dr. Jenis Patel are excellent surgeons who take care of Knee Replacement Treatment carefully avoiding all complications.

Before getting into Knee Replacement surgery, it is essential to know about the procedure, preoperative measures, and post- Operative measures. This can help you to get a holistic explanation of the surgery and make a proper plan before getting one.

Various pre-operative measures and post-operative measures

Pre-operative measure

It is essential to take care of all plans and know about all the procedures before the Knee Replacement Treatment. Replacement of a significant part of the body can create a huge impact on basic lifestyle choices. Below mentioned are some lifestyle choices that need to be altered before taking this surgery

Home set up

You need to make some vital fixes in all the home setups that are very essential to be introduced. Rooms, outside the stairs, and walkways must be ensured throughout that they are free of clutter and any possible tripping hazards.  Footstools, scatter rugs, and non-slip surfaces can are among a few things which can be used. Frequently used areas can be used by the patients for convenience pre–Knee Replacement surgery.


The toilet seats must be raised all the time and the armrests should be placed for smoother and more convenient access to the commode. If you want to use a bathtub for bathing, the sliding doors must be replaced with shower curtains. The shower hose must be handheld and perfectly installed. The towel racks and the toilet paper holders must be avoided as a support to stand and sit. Knee Replacement Treatment can require exercise pre-surgery for fast recovery post Knee Replacement surgery.


Before the Knee Replacement surgery, exercising must be a must. This is done to make the muscle stronger and to enhance the endurance to improve the joints as well as the smoothness of the joints. Gentle stretching or sports such as swimming or water walking can be done to reduce the stress on the joints. Doing exercise can help the patient to build confidence and post-surgery knowledge.

Post-operative Measures

After the Knee Replacement Treatment is done successfully, the replacement surgery required a lot of care and guidance for a proper cure. Care measures are essential for a successful recovery. Below are some vital steps that must be taken-

Physical therapy

The therapist must review some exercises post Knee Replacement surgery that can help with the quad sets, leg extension, dangles as well as straight leg raises. CPM (continuous passive motion) is a machine that is essential for later rehabilitation. This equipment can suggest usage for up to 4 hours every day. The therapist and consultants can advise you better with the results.  Swellings need to be instantly reduced in the leg by lying down for more than 30 mins are even an hour during the day. 

The wound after the Knee Replacement surgery must be constantly dry. After the staples are removed by the surgeons, the area is very sensitive and must be taken care of. Approximately 12 days after the surgery the wound must be less fragile but proper exercise must begin.


The temperature must be continuously monitored. Even a slight decrease in temperature can elevate the post-surgery for days. If the fever keeps on being persistent above 101 F with other symptoms such as chills and sweat, then it’s a sign that you must contact your doctor. These all are the signs of infections and might even increase the incision after Knee Replacement Treatment.


Even with several precautions pre and post-operative care methods can help to get care for a good recovery. The course of rehabilitation should be done regularly. Driving must be strictly avoided post-surgery for six weeks. Banister or Handrail can be used for support and stability. All the previous procedures done such as gastrointestinal or dental must be mentioned before the surgery to the doctors so that they know about the ways and measures that must be taken medically. It is better to take precautions than regret them later. We recommend you visit multispeciality hospital in ahmedabad – Shivanta Hospital. They have all the latest equipment and talented staff who can provide you with Knee Replacement Treatment without any complications.  Dr. Dhaval Patel & Dr. Jenis Patel are best knee replacement surgeon in Ahmedabad who can take all the procedures and they will try their best to give the patients as much care as possible.

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